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What a Nightmare!

First real day in Beijing with no place to stay

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I'm currently really falling behind with my blogging because I've been all over the place trying to get myself settled in at Beijing. So let me just say how much I am NOT liking Beijing so far. It has been an utter and complete nightmare. I would think that everywhere on campus would have WiFi, but that's not the case. I'm currently sitting at HOPE and using their WiFi. It's one of the nicer spots to eat at BLCU. I'll update and catch up with my blogging when I get settled in some more. Should be soon I hope. I have lots to vent about...

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Avenue of Stars

It was the last day of the class session today and we all had an extra hour to make up from the first day, so Bex, Mike, and I went down the street to Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken for our lunch break. We all ate like animals and finished our meals within 15-20 minutes. That's like a record time for me. Got back to school just in time for our lesson, but we learned little to nothing really. Our teacher was horrible at teaching. When class ended we all headed to the Tsim Tsa Tsui Star Ferry to cross to Jordan. I'm glad the ferry actually had air conditioning. The whole time, both Mike and I were teasing Bex about girls and cougars (lol). It was pretty hilarious I must say.


We visited a mall called Harbour City, which was like all the rest of the malls in Hong Kong, out of my price range. We basically just walked through it and took advantage of the air conditioning. Mike had plans, so Bex and I headed over to Mong Kok since I needed to exchange some of the things I purchased. Sizes run so small over here... That's the bad thing about bargain places, they are very limited and are made to fit stick figures. Most of the people are so slim despite the endless restaurants that line the streets.


We went through Ladies Market first and visited this booth that sold all sorts of glasses and sunglasses. I've been wanting big-framed nerd glasses for a while now and wanted to try some on just for fun. Bex and I seriously looked like the biggest dorks. Of course, the saleslady haggled us to make a purchase. I was hesitant at first, but was willing if Bex bought a pair too. We ended up getting the same exact ones coincidentally.


Then we went to Argyle Center, where I had to do my exchanges. I only browsed around shortly, but did find some really cute sandals that were only US$6.29. I also saw these wedges that I liked so I tried them on, but they were a little tight on me. They only had sizes 7 and 9 left. I was surprised how the size 9 didn't even look that big on, but they were a little loose still. I ended up getting the size 7 and had the lady poke an extra hole in the strap. I was able to get a small discount since I bought two. Then we went to this jewelry boutique and got my mom some stuff. [Will upload pictures later when I'm back in Hong Kong]

Afterwards, we looked for a relatively cheap hair salon since Bex wanted to cut his hair. We picked on at complete randomness. It was called i-Hair. It's difficult to describe what kind of hair cut you want when you're not that great at speaking Chinese. I'm glad the hairstylist knew SOME English at least, but still. It was such a hassle. On top of that, you're not sure if he/she fully understood what you just said. I think I'll just leave my hair the way it is until I get back home. Might do a deep conditioning next time though. That one can't go wrong... I hope.

Headed back to Jordan once again because I wanted to check out Avenue of Stars. It's basically the Hollywood stars street of Hong Kong. It was a lot of fun taking pictures and the view was phenomenal! Once again, I wish I had a SLR camera so I can capture all the beauty. It's something everyone has to see in person. Gorgeous. Bex and I could really only recognize 3 of the stars there. Definitely a very popular tourist spot. I filmed a short video with my phone just for the heck of it. I think I was hoping it would catch more of what I see than my camera did, but unfortunately, it was worst. My phone sucks at videos so excuse the fuzziness of it. We capped off the night with good old McDonald's. Too bad they didn't have anymore of those glass can cups.

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Nothing Special...

Today was a chill day. Got out of class and wandered the streets of Wan Chai on my own. As I was walking to the metro station, I spotted a China Construction Bank across the street. I had no idea there was one right down the street from my school, so I wanted to stop by to pull out some cash since I was running low. On the way there, I pass by this busy looking alleyway with tons of food being sold. It smelled pretty bad, since they were selling a bunch of fish and whatnot. Then, out of nowhere, I smell cha shu. I was starving at the moment, so that caught my attention pretty easily. I turned to my right and bingo! There was a spot selling all kinds of roasted meats, like Sam Woo back home. I decided why not? Let's give it a try. Food was SO GOOD. I got the roasted pork and the lady was nice enough to suggest to me one that was supposedly better in taste. That crunchy pork skin is too good for words. I sounded like the biggest carnivore saying that.


Then I went to the bank like I originally planned and headed on home. I wasn't in the mood to go out for some reason, so I pretty much stayed home for the rest of the day except for when I went downstairs to grab some dinner. I got street cart noodles again. It costed only US$2.83 for however way you like it.


Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I paid another visit to the T & L Pet House on the way to the metro. I have been visiting quite often ever since I discovered the place because they have the cutest puppies and kittens. They are way too small to even be weened away from their mother it seems like, but it's unbelievable how cute they are. Some can even fit into the palm of your hands. I absolutely fell in love with this baby chihuahua that kept trying to stand up against the door and continuously fell on his back. ADORABLE. I got some doggy treats to take back to the states just for the heck of it. Pets can be so spoiled. I wish I could have taken pictures, but they are strict on having no photography.


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Time to Get Pampered

Gel Nails and Pedicure

I had a lot of free time for myself today and decided to make use of my Groupon for the nail salon. My nails were dying for a makeover. I headed straight to Causeway Bay after class to get some lunch and kill some time before my appointment at 4:30 PM. I had no idea what to eat so I decided to just go to Times Square and check out the food court. They had a lot of variety, but Korean food sounded the best to me. I ordered this Korean bulgogi and chapchae dish from Lee Fa Yuen Express. It was huge for a fast food place! And it costed around $7 only. I honestly thought it was more like restaurant food than anything. Great price.


I still had a ton of time to kill before my appointment, so I did a little bit of wandering around near Times Square. I decided to look for where the nail salon was just so I know where to go when the time came. Went through a couple stores and a bargain alleyway and couldn't find anything worth buying. I did see some color contacts, but being me, I need to go do my research first to give myself the peace of mind. The last store I visited before my appointment was Bossini. I remember my mom used to buy clothes for us from there when we were young. They had this cute purple top that was on sale, so I got one for my mom. I might go back to pick up a couple of men's shirts for Ricky and my brother.


I was super excited when it was time for my appointment. I've been wanting to get my nails done ever since I got to Hong Kong, but the stupid Groupon I purchased the first time had a fine print that stated that I need a Hong Kong I.D. in order to use it. Silly me must have got overexcited and didn't read it. Too bad, so sad. So the nail salon was located at this tiny entry way that seriously looked like it lead to some underground club or something. I was hesitant to enter at first, but when I did there was a busy cafe shop at the very end. I went up the staircase and arrived at Natural Nail. They had a doorbell you are supposed to ring to go in, but I didn't realize that until I tried to open the door and it was locked. I must have looked so stupid (lol). They invited me in to have a seat and gave me a huge ring that had all sorts of nail colors to choose from. Wow, I was so overwhelmed. I went with this light pink color for the pedicure because I thought it was fitting for summer, and it was cute of course!


When it came to the gel nails, I was absolutely fascinated. I never seen it done before. I love this way more than acrylics because you get to use your real nails. I ended up choosing this soft lilac color. At first, I wanted to do a gradient with glitter but I saw the lady next to me bust out a book of different designs. I was curious as to what those were and was told they were nail stamps. I know, it sounds kiddish. Nail stamps? Didn't we use those in middle school? Yes, but these were different. They had thousands of designs to choose from and they're able to customize it to however you like - multiple colors, horizontal, vertical, and so on. I was even more overwhelmed than before. The lady was pretty patient with me. Thank goodness. I wanted everything in there! Of course I didn't do that though. I got a lace design stamped on both of my index fingers. I'm going to look for those stamp plates so I can do them myself (haha). I got a awesome deal for everything. I paid only US$18 for gel nails AND pedicure. What a steal!!


Finished off the day by purchasing false eyelashes from Bonjour. I always go in the cosmetic stores wanting to buy more things, but it's difficult when everything is in Japanese or Chinese.

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Shopping Spree No.2

So today I finally got my dim sum fix. Can't visit Hong Kong and not have dim sum right? We met at a place in Mong Kok called Cheers Restaurant. It was so packed. Dim sum goes into the late afternoon over here, and they even have happy hour after a certain time. I think after 3 PM? Not sure, but I think that's what my dad told me. Dim sum was so good. I mean... I already love dim sum as is, but authentic dim sum? Mmmmm even better. He brought back a bag of goodies, or t-shirts, from China. They were all so blingy, especially the purple one. I'm afraid I'll look straight fobby if I wear it, but I'll try to make it work.


After lunch, we did some walking around in Langham Place. They have the tallest escalator I've ever seen in there. It was like four stories tall! Longest escalator ride of my life. Of course, I didn't buy anything. I rarely shop at the malls here, since Hong Kong is known for their bargain marketplaces and I would much rather spend my money there. Also, they think everyone is made of money. I see more Louis Vuitton stores here than Vegas and LA combined.


Then my dad decides to take me to this bargain shopping plaza (I believe called Argyle Centre) and out of nowhere he asks, "Do you know how to get home from here?" I immediately answered yes, even though I was confused as to why he asked me that. Then he tells me he's heading home. Goodness, being a girl and left at a mall by yourself can really be dangerous... I ended up shopping up a storm since everything was so cheap! Only in Hong Kong would I shop like this. Back home, I'm really conservative with my money. Honest. The first thing I got was this silver necklace. It has a simple, classic look and costed only US$1.28. I'm sure my mom would like it.


I got some clothes too. First was a loose-fit navy shirt that ties in the front and then 2 tunics that came with a top to layer over them. I think I'm starting an obsession over these. I can't remember how much everything was, but I would estimate it to around US$20 or less.


Also got this cute silver bracelet for Ricky's little cousin and engraved her name inside.


After all that, it was off to the streets of Mong Kok. I remember Ricky wanted some belts, so I went on a hunt for those. They had a bunch of imitation brand names, but I personally thought the Armani and D&G looked best so I got those. One is more dressy and the other more casual. Spent around US$25 for both.


Lastly, I picked up 2 t-shirts. One is for Ricky and the other for my brother.


It was so much stuff to carry home. Plus, I had to buy dinner to take home... so my hands were completely full by the time I got back. Today I tried "gai dan zai" for the first time. It's super popular here. I wish they sold this back home. Unless they do already and I just don't know about it. I will surely miss the food here when I leave.


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