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New School and Causeway Bay


Let's just say wow... I got a good dose of jet lag this morning. I can't recall the exact time I woke up, but I can tell you it was pretty dang early. So early that I was able to take my time doing my make-up and sit in front of my laptop for a good while. It was the first day of class and I was told to be there by 10:30 AM. Luckily, I had my dad to guide me. The first thing I thought when we stepped out of the house was (I'm sure you could have guessed) HOT! Goodness. I felt like I was suffocating and immediately got that sticky-icky feeling. No need for jackets here in the summer.

I absolutely love how everything in Hong Kong is within walking distance. We had to just turn the corner to reach countless restaurants and food vendors. My dad took me to a popular spot called Café de Coral. It literally took us under 5 minutes to walk there. To my surprise, they had English on their menu! Most big-chain restaurants make an effort to cater to English speakers. They even had American-styled breakfasts with the typical sausage, toast, and eggs.. but I opted for macaroni soup. It even came with iced coffee that reminded me very much of Lee's Sandwich coffees back home.

Café de Coral

Then it was off to the MTR station. One of the coolest things about Hong Kong! I love it just as much now as I did when I was a kid. Didn't mean to make it rhyme (ha). I was given an "octopus card" from my dad. Apparently, this is how you pay for the rides. Cute name, right? We boarded the metro and was well on our way to Wan Chai District. We have cities back home, while they have districts out here. Interesting. When we reached the building, I was impressed by how nice it looked. It was pretty modern compared to the older stores that surrounded it. What I didn't expect was how small the classrooms were. It can barely comfortably fit 6 people.

Dinner with Dad and Uncle 7 at Kuen Fat Restaurant

My dad took me shopping afterwards at Causeway Bay. It was nearly impossible to concentrate with the sun burning down my neck, but thankfully all the stores have strong a/c. Yes, even the tiny run-down ones. We went to a huge department store called SOHO that sold all the luxury brand names and popular brands back home. I was excited until I looked at the price tags. They were even MORE than the prices in the states. Where are the cheap stuff?! I wonder why my dad took me to a place where I couldn't afford anything. The only bargain item I found was Bed Head Smoothing Cream. I guess it's better than nothing. That night we had a nice Chinese dinner with my Uncle 7. By that point my eyes were barely managing to stay open. I was exhausted! And it was only 9 PM. Oh jet lag...

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Farewell Los Angeles

My departure day to Hong Kong

Woke up at 8 AM and did my usual morning scramble of last-minute packing. Why people enjoy packing is beyond me.. Once I threw all my crap into the luggage it was off to LAX! The entire time I was thinking to myself, when will it hit me? The days leading up to this trip have felt just like any other day. Checking-in was a smooth process. I managed to stay below the 50 lb. limit (fortunately). There was a mere 30-minutes left before boarding time, so we headed upstairs to grab a quick bite. I really had no appetite due to my nervousness. Leaving behind everything I'm familiar with and love made me uneasy!! On to top it off, I was leaving alone.


Upon reaching the gate, I was forced to say my final goodbye and "I love you" to my mom and Ricky. And then it hit me... I was really leaving! At that moment it was more bitter than sweet. I couldn't help being rather emotional. No, I didn't cry. Teary-eyed? Yes. I told myself to suck it up and pressed forward. It has been more than 5 years since the last time I boarded a plane, so I may have seemed like a kid at a candy store all wide-eyed. We took a bus to boarding station and I found myself checking out the people surrounding me to see who I would be stuck for the next 15 hours with. It would really suck to get stuck next to a crying baby, or someone who was constantly coughing and sneezing. Good thing that didn't happen! I got seated next to a nice Korean man and a man who seemed to be around my age named Douglas, or Doug for short.

The flight felt like a century. I hate long rides anywhere. My ass was sore, my feet were swollen, and my eyes were tired from watching back-to-back movies. I felt like a hot mess! I couldn't be anymore relieved when we reached Narita Airport and stood up. I ran into Doug again as we were looking at the screen for our connector flights and I'm glad because I have to admit I was pretty lost. As we were talking, I found out he works for Groupon in China, or Gao Peng as they call it (lol). It was so crazy! I totally live for Groupon. We chatted for a while until we had to go our separate ways. The guy knew his stuff.


I landed in Hong Kong around 10:15 PM. It was pretty weird seeing my dad again after all these years. We did a lot of catching up on our bus ride to Sai Wan Ho. It's the district I'm living in. There were tons of stores and stands still open selling Chinese sausage, stir-fried noodles, and etc. Mmm.. It all looked so good. I would've so bought something if I hadn't already stuffed my face on the plane. When I got to the place I met my grandpa's second wife, Chung Yi. I had no idea she was Thai! Crazyyy. She speaks way better Cantonese than me! The house is seriously the tiniest place, but that's pretty standard in Hong Kong. I would compare it to the size of my garage. It definitely took some getting used to.

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