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What's a Durian?!


First off, happy anniversary jelly!!! (if you ever read this)
It's been 4 years and 11 months as of today. One more month until the 5 year mark. Holy crap.


It was another one of those stay at home days. My grandma didn't have to work for once! That lady works 6 days straight and extremely long hours. Sometimes she won't get back until 1 AM... I don't know how she does it, but I give her mad props. I was thinking of what to get her, since she's the sweetest lady and buys breakfast for me every morning, but there isn't anything that comes to mind. Maybe something that's stress relieving like a one of those neck wraps? I don't know. Need to brainstorm some more.

So yup, it was a chill day. There was a typhoon warning the other night, and it's been gloomy outside ever since. Gloomy weather makes me lazy, but that's only part of the reason I wanted to stay in. The other was to keep my grandma company. She's been living alone here for a few years, so I can only imagine how lonely it gets sometimes. I mean, I've been here for less than 2 weeks and I already feel that loneliness! Okay, it's also because I don't have many friends here... but still! She made wonton noodles for lunch, which was delicious. It's like Asian-style chicken noodle soup to me.


Then she showed me a durian. That thing looked dangerous! Being surrounded by sharp spikes and all. It must be the strangest looking fruit I've ever seen. Obviously, I never tried it before. I was so confused when she sliced it open. I didn't know what was edible or not. I did end up giving it a try though and I can say that it definitely tastes WAY better than it smells. Yuck. It's not too bad in taste, but not something I would eat just to enjoy.


For dinner, my grandma cooked up a feast. It was mainly Thai dishes and they were all really good. The shrimp was my absolute favorite! She whipped up this spicy dipping sauce for it and I couldn't get enough. She's seriously such a sweetheart. I introduced her to Skype too. She has a son in Thailand so I was thinking they can keep in touch better through video chat. Although, teaching her how to use it was not the easiest task. Hopefully she understood most of what I told her with my broken Cantonese.


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Shopping Spree No.1

I honestly can't recall what happened today besides shopping. I think that's all I did the entire day... shop. Being in Hong Kong is really burning a hole in my wallet. I saw on a YouTube video that there are a few Sasa outlet stores, so I wrote down the nearest one and went on a mission to find it. After class, I took the metro to Yau Ma Tei district and success! There was one right next to the station exit. I was thinking it would've closed down already, but nope, still there. I was so happy you have no idea. Sasa is already cheap in itself, but an outlet?! Dirt cheap prices. Yes, I went a little crazy in there. I ended up getting a lot of gifts for family and friends.


Then it was off to Mong Kok once again, my favorite place to shop. It's right next to Yau Ma Tei, so it was really convenient. I visited that street that was lined with fashionable boutique stores and found a lot of bargains. There was a store called Mirror that was black-themed and had so many cute things for cheap. I was trying to look all over for something to get for my mom, but for some reason it's so difficult to find anything that matches her style. Everything here is either too cutesy or form-fitting. I'll try looking again later. I got this super cute dress and a romper(?) for only US$17.73. The saleslady was trying to give me this cheap looking belt with the dress that looked nothing like the advertised one, but good thing I took the dress out of the packaging to inspect it or I would be one angry woman when I got home. The quality of everything is pretty good too. Looks a lot more expensive than it really is.


I also found a nice bling-y camera strap. Mine was so ghetto looking.


I got this outfit after seeing it on the mannequin. Very Cali-ish. I had to crazy bargain for it and still didn't get the price I wanted... It wasn't too bad of a price though.


So what did I learn after bargain shopping on my own today?

  • A majority of bargain stores don't let you try on anything. You just have to guesstimate on whether it'll fit or not.
  • Some spots let you bring back the items within a short period of time (such as 3 days) to exchange for a different size.
  • Try walking away if you're not happy with the price. They tend to give you a better price to get you to come back.
  • Sizes in Hong Kong tend to run small.
  • If you see more than one thing you like, make an offer. They will most likely give you a better deal.
  • Sometimes there aren't prices listed. This means they get to make up their own price, so don't be hesitant to shop around before you make a purchase. Sometimes you can find a better price elsewhere.

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Pacific Place

Fancy mall, fancy theatre, and 1st Bonjour/Sasa haul


It was quite a spontaneous day today. On the way down the elevator from class, I met another guy from back in the states. New York to be exact. I guess a lot of people here are from the states... funny. He was supposed to join Bex and I for lunch at Pacific Place, but something came up with his girlfriend so he didn't go after all. Pacific Place is another one of those high class shopping malls. Most of the stuff is unaffordable for college students, like myself. There was a fancy mall directory where we walked in and it was the coolest thing. It was completely interactive and actually showed you step by step how to get to your destination. Once again, we opted for something that was not Chinese for lunch and picked Grappa's Ristorante. If you didn't already guess, it was Italian. I got one of my favorite Italian dishes, Penne Arrabbiata, but it was only so-so in taste. The mint chocolate ice cream totally made up for it though. To die for.. Mmmmm.


I wasn't really interested in looking at shopping at such an expensive place, so we spontaneously decided to watch a movie since they had an AMC Theatre there. Even the theatre was fancy! You can actually see which seats are available and taken, then select where you want to sit. I was so fascinated. The theatre seat was like a recliner chair and was super comfortable. We watched Hangover II. The whole time I was worried that the movie would be dubbed in Chinese, but thankfully, it was in English with Chinese subtitles. It would've totally killed it if it were in Chinese. Too bad we had to sit in front of a bunch of loud girls... They screamed at the stupidest things. Seriously? Are you really scared that something is going to jump out of the screen?? So irritating. Anyway, I actually thought the movie was hilarious. I did lower my standards a lot from what I've heard, but it wasn't bad at all.

It was still pretty early when the movie ended, so we decided to head out to Causeway Bay and make use of the nerdy list I made last night. Bonjour was my first stop. It was difficult to find some of the things on my list, so I just shopped around instead. I can spend hours in that store just looking at all the different stuff. I didn't want to take too long, since Bex was tagging along. He said he's used to waiting on girls, but still... I hate having people wait on me when I'm shopping. That's why I need girls who shop equally as much so I won't feel that bad! I ended up buying a set of eyelashes, Kokuryudo preset powder, and 2 packs of Clean & Clear oil sheets. The oil sheets are super cheap here. I think I only spent US$9.61 for everything. Then I literally walked right down the street to Sasa. I counted more than four Sasa stores within not even a 1 mile radius of each other. It's pretty ridiculous. Sasa is like the Starbucks of Hong Kong. From there, I got a compact mirror, SKINLITE eye pads, and 4 of those "magic sheets" that help to keep your bangs off of your face. That was only US$8.39 for everything. Relatively cheap for the things I got. Don't worry, it's not all for me.


Then we just did a little bit of browsing in Times Square before we headed home. My grandma cooked curry earlier, so I was glad I didn't have to buy food to take home this time.

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Uneventful Wednesday

Today was, how should I say it... pretty-dang-boring. I really shouldn't even write about it, but I made a promise to myself that I would blog everyday so here goes.

I went to my usual 11 AM class and went with my classmates to eat lunch at this spot called Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken. It was right down the street from our school in Wan Chai. We all ordered the hai nam chicken, since the place is called "Hai Nam Chicken" afterall. The sauce was what made the dish! Yum. I felt bad because they initially brought out two of the orders, and Bex was being nice to let me get my order first. Then we waited and waited for his, but nothing ever showed up. We even informed them a couple of times and they continually brought out the dish for other customers when they knew we were waiting. Only in Asian restaurants do you get away with crappy service. Horrible! If tip existed here they would not get any.


After lunch, I decided to head back home and just stay in for the day. My feet were exhausted from walking everyday, so it was nice to finally let them take a break. It felt good to have a lazy day after going out everyday for a week straight. I spent some of the time browsing online at www.sasa.com and made an entire list of things to purchase (haha). I'm such a nerd. I researched all the big cosmetic lines to compare prices and whatnot. Hong Kong definitely has some really good deals that you can't find anywhere else. Even cheaper than China because there's no import tax, so it's a good idea to stock up while I can.

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Feeling a Little Homesick

McDonald's and Gadget Shopping with Dad

Today after class, Bex and I decided to grab McDonald's because we were both growing tired of eating Chinese food everyday. I think McDonald's is a bigger deal here than back home because it was packed! Or maybe it was also because it was during break hour for the businesses, but it's usually pretty busy regardless. I went with a Big Mac extra-value meal because they were giving away these cool soda can glass cups. I couldn't believe how cheap an extra-value meal was... I think I paid only US$3.31 for everything! Was it always this cheap here?! Okay, nevermind I won't question it. They even do 24 hour "McDelivery." Craziness. What else? They have sweet potato pies! Mmmmm.


After lunch, I met with my dad at Jordan station. He was surprised I already ate lunch, but I told him I was able to eat again. Here I am overeating once again. He handed me a yellow tote bag and I was beyond happy when I saw the iPad inside!! I've been wanting one for a while now. It will be the only Apple product I own... I had two iPods before but they were both either jacked or lost. I'm definitely keeping a careful eye on this one. He even got me two of those glass cups from McDonald's, since I had told him I wanted one the other day. That was nice of him. We ended up eating at this quiet congee store. I'm surprised I actually finished my share. I realized a lot of Hong Kong restaurants don't provide napkins for you, so it's always handy to carry a pack of tissue paper around.


For those who follow Japanese fashion, you should definitely buy a copy of the magazines if you're ever in Hong Kong. The magazine stands usually offer the magazines in both Japanese and Chinese. If you opt for the Chinese copy, you only need to pay US$3.85 for it. Way better than the US$14 back home! I only look at the pictures anyway... My dad took me to this HUGE electronics store in Sham Shui Po district. I believe it was called Golden Computer Center. Most of the stuff isn't brand name, but if you don't care about brand names then this is the place to go. They offered all kinds of gadgets and accessories for cheap. We only went there to shop for iPad cases. My dad wanted to get an idea of what style I liked so that he could get one over in China where he works because everything is cheaper in China (except cosmetics).


Then we went to eat again... We ordered a crap load at this tiny Chinese restaurant. I think we ordered a total of six huge dishes just for the two of us. I must really take after my dad because he eats A LOT. We pretty much finished everything with the exception of the oyster pancake. I couldn't believe it. My dad ate most of it though. I got full 3/4 into the meal. Talk about being fatasses. After that we parted ways and went on home. I felt like I gained 10 lbs from all the food I ate today.


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